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Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water for Wii U Download Size

Fans of the Fatal Frame franchise will be please to find out that the much beloved Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water is coming to the Nintendo Wii U will … Continue reading

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Peter Molyneux Loves Digital Distribution

Peter Molyneus isn’t interested in buying games in the physical form. He believes that digital distribution is the way of the future and who can blame. The way the industry … Continue reading

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Booya! Flipnote Studio 3D Is Coming Early August

  Flipnote Studio 3D is a free application that you can create amazing animation on your Nintendo 3DS  “Flipnote Studio™ 3D is coming to the Nintendo 3DS™ system in August … Continue reading

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Exchange Your Coins For Star Fox 64, Donkey Kong, Super Punch-Out!!

Download Star Fox 64, Donkey Kong, Super Punch-Out!!, and Aura-Aura Climber from Club Nintendo! Available now until 8/4. Star Fox 64                 (200 Coins) Donkey Kong             (100 Coins) Super Punch-Out!!      (150 Coins) … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy VII Finally Arrives on Steam

Final Fantasy VII is now available on Steam for $11.99 for your downloading pleasure. Released in 1997 for the original PlayStation, This landmark title introduced many beloved characters that are … Continue reading

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Crystal Warriors for the Game Gear Released

Nintendo has released four new games on their Virtual Console service. Are you going to pick any of them up? Spelunker – $4.99 NES Crystal Warriors – $3.99 Game Gear … Continue reading

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New Super Luigi U Makes Peach Cry

We don’t know what to think about this. Several of our staff had to view the video several times and we still don’t know what to think about it. You’ll … Continue reading

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Club Nintendo Offers You, Me, The Cubes, Excitebike, And Metal Torrent

If you’ve been holding off to get any of these games and you’ve got a few coins to burn. Then you’ll be happy to know that all your coin currency … Continue reading

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Fire Emblem Awakening Wireless Features

Some of the exciting new features for the latest Fire Emblem consist of  a feature that been called Dual Tag where a you team up with a friend for cooperative … Continue reading

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