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GAH Site Update (4.4.14)




Gaming After Hours has made another cosmetic change but this time, it’s a lot bigger. Many changes have been added including a different font look that bigger and bolder. Hopefully, it’ll make it easier to read and navigate the site.  We’ve also changed the header of the site with a different color and font. We just fond it a little too boring and wanted to add a little charm to it. The other change is a little less noticable, but the font inside the brackets has been changed too. Overall, these’s changes aren’t much but we hope you’ll appreciate it.

Thank you for your support,

Byungsuk Kim


Example of the change.






Gaming After Hours has made a new cosmetic change to the overall website. At this time, the focus this change to help make the social plugins be more inviting and professional. We also hope that this will influence people to connect to the different social outlets that GAH currently has.

Though the look has change, the basic function remains the same.

Thank you for your support,

Byungsuk Kim

This is more of a cosmetic change to the social network plugins.


Gaming After Hours has updated a small but often, requested addition that’ll help with the overall experience of the site. Instead of having to click on “older posts,” you can simple scroll down and past articles will load automatically the further scroll. It’s not much but it’s definitely a welcome improvement.

Take care,
Byungsuk Kim


Gaming After Hours has added a category called “Research and Study.” This catagory will focus on the psychological and mental effects of gaming. If you’re interested in the first article of this new catagory, please read “Nintendo: Playing Super Mario 64 may have beneficial effects on the brain” —11.13.2013.


Byungsuk Kim

11.10. 2013

Welcome everyone,

Gaming After Hours would like to introduce a new page that’s main purpose is to share ideas and changes within the community. This is could as simple as a cosmetic change to simple as asking for general feedback. In many ways, it is a way to directly communicate your thoughts about the content that matters most to you.

Though we come from different backgrounds and our experiences in gaming vary, know that we are gamers and our passion is what makes us strong. Our interests can be experienced regardless of where we choose to call home, when we decide to play,  distance has no meaning.

Looking forward to your feedback,

Byungsuk Kim

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