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Missed it? Watch the Super Smash Bros Wii U Invitational Tournament on Gaming After Hours

This years E3 was full of surprises and echoed with excitement from every corner of world. From the Witcher 3 and its amazing presence, to the Mortal Kombat X, This was … Continue reading

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E3 2014: Final Fantasy XV – Warping around the Battlefield

As you all know that back in May 2006 Square-Enix has started developing a game called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a few years later we have never heard anything new … Continue reading

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Here Comes a New Challenger!: The Long Awaited Entry in the Super Smash Bros. Series gets two new fighters

  This morning, Nintendo’s press briefing provided a new glimpse of how the new Super Smash Brothers is shaping up, and things look good. Nintendo made a few big announcements … Continue reading

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E3 2014: Yoshi’s Wooly World Coming Out for Nintendo Wii U

Today on Nintendo’s Digital Event, Nintendo announced a new Yoshi game called Yoshi’s Woolly World. This Wii U exclusive finds Yoshi in a charming and colorful world of yarn and fabric.Yoshi’s Woolly World is … Continue reading

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E3 2014: Sony Reveals the White PlayStation 4 Bundle, So Pretty!

Sony revealed a White PlayStation 4 Destiny bundle during its E3 press conference. Destiny is being developed Bungie who is well known for the Halo franchise. For those who are curious what … Continue reading

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E3 2014: The Crew Coming Toward The End of The Year + Beta

Ubisoft upcoming game announced during their E3 press conference that, “The Crew” will be released on November 11th and will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The … Continue reading

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E3 2014: Rise of the Tomb Raider Trailer Revealed

Crystal Dynamics has debuts the new Tomb Raider that was shown during the Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference which continues the adventure of the Tomb Raider reboot. Square Enix’s Darrell Gallagher said during the … Continue reading

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Twitch is the Official E3 2014 Live Streaming Partner

Twitch will be the official live streaming partner for this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). The Twitch E3 channel will be intergrated into the conventions presence such as E3 Insider … Continue reading

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