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Video of the Week: Realistic Mario

You really have to give it to people who create content on video sharing sites. They come up with some crazy and often at times, humorous videos.  

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Rest in peace Luigi – Thank you for the great Mario memories

For children who grew up in the late 1980, will fondly remember the American television series, Super Mario Super Show where they’d be able to watch Super Mario and friends. … Continue reading

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A Secret Book That Teaches You How To Throw Mario’s Hot Fire Balls

At long last the power of Super Mario has been finally realized by non other then Freddie. He sure knows how to eat things up and burn people.

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Nintendo Registers Super Mario 4

Mamma Mia, a new domain has just be registered by Nintendo. Chances are it’ll be another 2D Mario game that Mario fans can look forward too.Our prediction is that’ll focus … Continue reading

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