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Microsoft: Xbox One gets Major System Update; Adds Dolby Digital 5.1

Microsoft has heard your call and with it, bought many of the suggestions players have asked for with it’s major update for the Xbox One. Its improved the matchmaking, tweaked … Continue reading

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Nintendo Doesn’t Focus On Raw Power!

  There have been many reports about the raw and graphical power of the Wii U. Some have reported that the Wii U is more powerful then the current gen … Continue reading

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Google Maps 8-bit for the NES

This video has been posted all over the internet so chances are that you’ve already seen this video but if you haven’t, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. This video is sure … Continue reading

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Sony’s aware of Minis issue

The PlayStation Vita has been faced with some technical problems such as touch issues and others. This isn’t unusual for any system, when first launching, to have some technical issues. … Continue reading

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