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Take a look at the first 25 Minutes of Watch Dogs for Wii U

If you want to know what to expect for Ubisoft’s Watch Dog for Wii U will look like, you might be pleasantly surprised just how well it visually stands on … Continue reading

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Ubisoft: Will continue to support Nintendo

Emily Rogers, who is a  staff writer at Dromble and Nintendo Force went to twitter to inform the Nintendo faithful that “Wii U owners need to buy Ubisofts games“. Speculation … Continue reading

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Ubisoft: Director said Watch Dogs is a beautiful Wii U

Ubisoft Montreal creative director Jonathan Morin has said that Watch Dogs is a beautiful game to play on Wii U. Morin said that the game looks better on Wii U than on … Continue reading

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Watch_Dogs: Gameplay Part 1 – "Hacking is Your Weapon"

In the world of Watch_Dogs, you play as Aiden Pierce, where you’ll be able to use hacking as your ultimate weapon. In this video, you’ll get a glimpse of what’s … Continue reading

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