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E3 2014: Yoshi’s Wooly World Coming Out for Nintendo Wii U

Today on Nintendo’s Digital Event, Nintendo announced a new Yoshi game called Yoshi’s Woolly World. This Wii U exclusive finds Yoshi in a charming and colorful world of yarn and fabric.Yoshi’s Woolly World is … Continue reading

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Nintendo confirms Mario Tennis Open and playable at PAX East

Nintendo has revealed the Nintendo 3DS and Wii games that will be playable at the all mighty PAX East. Visitors to the Nintendo booth will be able to try out many Nintendo … Continue reading

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 reaches 5 million

As of Febuary, Super Mario Galaxy 2 total sales have surpassed over 5 million. There has been 9 other Wii games that have sold this many units. Nintendo noted that … Continue reading

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