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Super Smash Bros will Run at a Baby Soft 60 Frames Per Second

It has been revealed that the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros will be running at 60 frames per second regardless of weather or not you play the game in … Continue reading

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Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Launch Window has been Revealed

Can’t wait for the next iteration for the amazing Smash series? You won’t have to wait long as Nintendo has revealed that it’ll be released on this year for both … Continue reading

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Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct Video – Full Presentation

The Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct is now finished but don’t worry if you missed, we have you covered. In comparison to what we normally do, which is listing each … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Nintendo 3DS XL – Hurry up! It’s a Limited Edition

If you’re a Disney fan and love Mickey Mouse, this Nintendo 3DS XL model is for you. This is the second special edition system will be available on April 11th … Continue reading

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Nintendo Launched Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball Official Website

Just in case you may have missed this, Nintendo has created an official website for Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. This game has a unique take on what is traditionally known … Continue reading

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Call of Duty – Where Media and Gaming Collide

Note: At the time this writing (12.7.2012). This article does not reflect any changes that has occurred prior to the original written date. Written by Byungsuk Kim As of right now, there have … Continue reading

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