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Kid Icarus Uprising Didn’t Start On The Nintendo 3DS

In Iwata Asks about Kid Icarus Uprising,  producer Masahiro Sakurai revealed that the game was originally developed on the Wii and the PC since Project Sora didn’t have access to … Continue reading

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Free Kid Icarus AR Cards

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Nintendo is giving away 3 Kid Icarus Uprising AR (augmented reality) cards at its official site for a limited time only. So its best that you make … Continue reading

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Nintendo 3DS – Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay Trailer

This trailer of Kid Icarus: Uprising puts Pit agaist waves and waves of enemies while clawing anything that gets in his face. Seeing all the things that the game throws … Continue reading

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UPDATE – Kid Icarus: Uprising will come packaged with 6 AR cards

Smash him to pieces! As Kid Icarus release date comes closer and closer. More information will become apparent and now we know that there will be 6 AR cards what … Continue reading

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Kid Icarus: Uprising – Footage

Nintendo shows off the many moves that Pit can pull off as well as how Kid Icarus control scheme works on the Nintendo 3DS. Kid Icarus Uprising launches in Europe … Continue reading

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Nintendo: Kid Icarus: Uprising Intensity Trailer

Watching this you have to wonder just how hardcore Kid Icarus: Uprising really is. Betting hearts you’ve collected in order to increase the difficulty is kind of like paying someone to … Continue reading

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