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UPDATE – Kid Icarus: Uprising will come packaged with 6 AR cards

Smash him to pieces! As Kid Icarus release date comes closer and closer. More information will become apparent and now we know that there will be 6 AR cards what will come with the game. The cards will allow you to battle it out in the physical word by places 2 cards face to face. Nothing else will is known about this feature but you can bet it’ll be fun and who knows, there might be an option where you’ll be able to brawl it out with a friend.


According to the official Kid Icarus: Uprising website, there will be 6 AR cards that will be released with the game for America and Japan. There will be hundreds more to collect that you can use in Battle Mode. Kid Icarus AR cards can be acquired by participating in special Nintendo events where you can trade, share, and obtain new cards.

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