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Broncos’ linebacker, Nate Irving enjoys playing Pokemon

One might be inclined to think that anyone who plays football would be out with his teammates and going to parties, but not Broncos linebacker Nate Irving: He stays in … Continue reading

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Hilariously long Pokemon Rap – 718 Pokemon

A long time ago, when Pokemon was starting out and only had a measly number of 151 Pokemon. The anime series would finish with the Pokemon Rap. It was with … Continue reading

11/18/2013 · 1 Comment

Pokemon: Squirtle chews Charmander’s face off

Wow! Never thought I’d ever see a Pokemon do something like this. The new Pokemon Origins anime seem a little more direct with its battles, at least from what I remember. I … Continue reading

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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Pyroar Revealed!

There’s a new Pokémon among us named Pyroar that will make it’s appearance in Pokémon X and Y. IGN was the first to reveal the existence of Pyroar but was quickly removed. Regardless, … Continue reading

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Did You Miss The Pokemon Direct? (9.4.2013)

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Pokemon X & Y Will Be 1.7 GB; 14,000 Total Blocks

According to reports from Serebii, Pokemon X & Y will be approximently 1.7 GB, which is about 14,000 total blocks. If you still have that 2 GB SD card that … Continue reading

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Suprise! Connect Your Nintendo 3DS To Nintendo Zone At Home

The Nintendo Zone is quite a nice feature which allows you access exclusive content that you can’t get anywhere else. With over 29,000 hotspots around the country, accessing the Nintendo … Continue reading

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Pokemon Conquest Debut Trailer

Courtesy of  NintenDaanNC has posted Pokemon Conquest debut trailer. Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition is coming to North America. It will be released on June 18! source: youtube

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