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Free Kid Icarus AR Cards

Hurry, hurry, hurry! Nintendo is giving away 3 Kid Icarus Uprising AR (augmented reality) cards at its official site for a limited time only. So its best that you make … Continue reading

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Nintendo 3DS – Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay Trailer

This trailer of Kid Icarus: Uprising puts Pit agaist waves and waves of enemies while clawing anything that gets in his face. Seeing all the things that the game throws … Continue reading

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UPDATE – Kid Icarus: Uprising will come packaged with 6 AR cards

Smash him to pieces! As Kid Icarus release date comes closer and closer. More information will become apparent and now we know that there will be 6 AR cards what … Continue reading

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Nintendo: Kid Icarus: Uprising Intensity Trailer

Watching this you have to wonder just how hardcore Kid Icarus: Uprising really is. Betting hearts you’ve collected in order to increase the difficulty is kind of like paying someone to … Continue reading

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