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Super Mario Maker v1.20 Update is Now LIVE!~!

The Super Mario Maker update is now live. Here are the keynotes in Super Mario Maker 1.20. “Note: This update requires about 314.5MB of storage space. Added the functionality to … Continue reading

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Super Mario Maker Diaries Entry 2 – Mountain Top Valley

Welcome back to another entry of Super Mario Maker. As some of you are aware, I was the designer of Mountain Top Valley (Ground). In this entry, we will be … Continue reading

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Time travel with Dr. Mario and his excellent adventure – Super Mario 3D World

Every once in a while you’ll find a video on the internet that will surely delight. The following video was originally found on Facebook page, NintendoFanGirl, who happened to share … Continue reading

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Director of Mario Galaxy 2 says it be difficult to imagine.

The director of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Koichi Hayashida, says that it would be difficult for Nintendo to make another follow-up to the Wii masterpiece (Super Mario Galaxy 2) using … Continue reading

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 reaches 5 million

As of Febuary, Super Mario Galaxy 2 total sales have surpassed over 5 million. There has been 9 other Wii games that have sold this many units. Nintendo noted that … Continue reading

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