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Nintendo Wii YouTube Channel Gets iPhone Support

The YouTube Channel for the Nintendo Wii has been updated to be faster and more reliable but now you’ll be able to connect your iPhone to control the channel. All you have to … Continue reading

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The hardcore Nintendo fanboys will buy the [Wii U] device period. I don’t think they’re so stupid that they’d buy a cardboard, a cardboard box on the other hand that says … Continue reading

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Miyamoto: Introduce New Characters

The father of modern video games, Shigeru Miyamoto, will soon introduce some new character. Whether this is means new characters to the Mushroom Kingdom or brand new characters for a … Continue reading

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Wii outsells Vita in Europe

President Satoru Iwata recently shared this during an investors meeting that the beloved Wii is outselling the newly released PlayStation Vita. Regardless, Sony keeps pushing heavily with ads a plenty. … Continue reading

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Nintendo Doesn’t Focus On Raw Power!

There have been many reports about the raw and graphical power of the Wii U. Some have reported that the Wii U is more powerful then the current gen (Playstation … Continue reading

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Club Nintendo Offers You, Me, The Cubes, Excitebike, And Metal Torrent

If you’ve been holding off to get any of these games and you’ve got a few coins to burn. Then you’ll be happy to know that all your coin currency … Continue reading

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Kid Icarus Uprising Didn’t Start On The Nintendo 3DS

In Iwata Asks about Kid Icarus Uprising,  producer Masahiro Sakurai revealed that the game was originally developed on the Wii and the PC since Project Sora didn’t have access to … Continue reading

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