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Super Mario 64 and the IMPOSSIBLE coins collected – The impossible is possible

  Ever after all these years, people still talk about the 3D platformer, Super Mario 64. A monumentous gaming achievement that set the standard for what many games were be … Continue reading

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Did you miss the Nintendo Direct? 11.13.13

Did you miss the Nintendo Direct? Well don’t worry, you can view it here. So just sit back and enjoy. Don’t forget to like us Timeline The Legend of Zelda: … Continue reading

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Akuma Is Too Extreme Street Fighter X Tekken

This video is so bad ass that no words express its raw power and artistic flair then anything we could possible write. Just take a look at these photos and … Continue reading

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Classic Tunes: Green Hill Zone: Sonic The Hedgehog Acapella

Here’s another classic done in acapella style. This beautiful arrangement is from none other then ‘Smooth McGroove’ and his rendition of Green Hill Zone from the Sonic the Hedgehog. We … Continue reading

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Dim3nsions | Nintendo3DS remix

Check out this awesome Nintendo 3DS remix! We’re sure you’ll be just as amazed as we were. This YouTube user, Joshua Kershaw, uses the system itself and sounds from the system to … Continue reading

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The Last Story exciting pre-launch trailer

Take a look at this stunning trailer of ‘The Last Story’ and pay close attention to its game mechanics too. Just looking at this trailers and you can see just … Continue reading

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