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Super Mario 64 and the IMPOSSIBLE coins collected – The impossible is possible


Super Mario 64 - The Impossible Coin

Ever after all these years, people still talk about the 3D platformer, Super Mario 64. A monumentous gaming achievement that set the standard for what many games were be compared to for years after its original 1996 release.

Once the game was released, a whole new world of possibilities caught wave with its 360 degree controls, a familiar face that rivaled the most iconic franchises and a timeless game that remains enjoyable even to this day. Even though there is no official record of the countless of hours played in this amazing game, there can be no doubt that the amount of hours played have reached the millions.

With all its secrets, one thing that has prevented gamers from obtaining the “perfect game” in Super Mario 64 was what the gaming community have dubbed the “impossible coin.” This coin has eluded millions who have dared to set foot Peach’s Castle since the games release. Many have spent endless hours attempting to collect the impossible coin without prevail. Now after 18 years later, a YouTube user named pannenkoek2012 obtained the impossible.

The perfect game: is where a player collects everything a game has to offer. This includes, items,mission, side quests, hidden areas and possible outcomes. 

He successfully collected the Impossible Coin! Pannenkoek2012 explains in the YouTube video:

“You see, when you exit water from the side, there’s a single frame when Mario is able to jump. I take advantage of this by jumping and kicking in order to move myself towards the coin and collect it.”


The real question is, was this done on an emulation or on a real Nintendo 64? Until others are able to duplicated the same results, it remains to be seen. Either way, try it out and see if the impossible is possible.

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