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Classic Tunes: Check Out These Groovy Arrangements of Earthworm Jim

Are you feeling nostalgic? Need to get your Earthworm Jim fix? Check out this great mix is arranged and performed by from YouTube creator, Ubaldo B, The music is composed by Tommy … Continue reading

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Inspirational – Disney’s Frozen – “Let It Go” Multilanguage video

I was in search for some inspiration that really moved me in some radical fashion. Yes I am aware that Gaming After Hours hasn’t written anything for a considerable amount … Continue reading

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Classic Tunes: Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth’s Theme

Every once in a while, the world of gaming is introduced to a virtual world that captivates our imagination. Where a game and it’s music plays an equal role in … Continue reading

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Classic Tunes: Theme of The Last Story – Nobuo Uematsu

It’s been a while since I wrote about a musical piece but this is by far, one of my favorites. Written by famed Nobuo Uematsu, this beautiful piece is far more … Continue reading

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Classic Tunes: Super Mario Galaxy – Gusty Garden Space Remix (Mario Paint)

A fellow gamer named Adolfo Baez has managed to recreate Gusty Garden with Nintendo’s very own Mario Paint. Even though this was created on a good old Super Nintendo, its still wonderful to listen … Continue reading

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Gaming After Hours Proudly Presents "Classic Tunes"

We are proud to introduce, “Classic Tunes“, where we search for amazing tunes from around the world wide web. Whether these classic tunes from retro games or a tune that … Continue reading

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Classic Tunes: Green Hill Zone: Sonic The Hedgehog Acapella

Here’s another classic done in acapella style. This beautiful arrangement is from none other then ‘Smooth McGroove’ and his rendition of Green Hill Zone from the Sonic the Hedgehog. We … Continue reading

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An Amazing Super Metriod – Prologue Theme Acapella

Looking through the wonderful world of YouTube, we came across this amazing channel Smooth McGroove. His talent is quite breathtaking, taking all these classics themes we’ve all know and love … Continue reading

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