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Classic Tunes: Check Out These Groovy Arrangements of Earthworm Jim, Earthworm Jim

Property of Doug TenNapel

Are you feeling nostalgic? Need to get your Earthworm Jim fix? Check out this great mix is arranged and performed by from YouTube creator, Ubaldo B, The music is composed by Tommy Tallarico. I found his playing quite well done and it should bring a smile to anyone has a fondness towards the super suited earthworm.

These melody really take me back! Jumping from platform to platform and whipping Jim from caverns never got old. The humor was always a joy and was flooded with character. Even though we take it for granted now, leaving the Jim idle was exciting to watch. You never knew what to expect. The best one was Jim’s jump rope animation.

These tracks consist of:

0:00 – Ending (EWJ 2)
1:17 – Continue (EWJ 2)
1:47 – New Junk City
2:49 – Snot a Problem
3:27 – Use Your Head
5:05 – For Pete’s Sake
5:21 – Down the Tubes
6:02 – New Junk City
6:22 – What the Heck?
6:31 – Ending

What are you favorite Jim memories? 


source: youtube and ubaldob.bandcamp

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