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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate muliplayer is region free between North America and Europe

If you’re a Monster Hunter fan and have been disappointed about the past few games being region locked should be happy to know that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate online play … Continue reading

07/31/2014 · 1 Comment

Nintendo: Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Details + Super Mario Kart for VC

One of the limited edition Mario Kart 8 software bundles offers the Blue Spiny Shell collector along with Mario Kart 8. Presently, has only been announced for Europe. This exciting bundle … Continue reading

03/06/2014 · Leave a comment

Wii U High Capacity-Battery Coming To Europe

If you live in Europe and you were wishing that the Wii U Gamepad had a larger battery capacity. The Wii U High Capacity-Battery are heading to Europe and its … Continue reading

09/22/2013 · 3 Comments

Rockstar: Rockstar Working on Social Club, iFruit issues; Sony addresses PSN installation issues

There have been a small number of people that are being affected by download issues with the new Grand Theft Auto 5 within Europe. Sony emphasises the importance that you … Continue reading

09/18/2013 · 8 Comments

PlayStation 4 Launch Date Revealed; Sony Prepares For Release

Sony has announced that their next-generation system, the PlayStation 4 will be arriving in North America and Canada on November 15 and Europe, Australia and New Zealand on November 29 . … Continue reading

08/21/2013 · 2 Comments

Microsoft Points Conversion Table – MSP To Real World Currency

We spoke to a Microsoft representative and asked them about the conversion from Microsoft Points for different regions. This post will be updated as new information is released. Microsoft Points to USD 400 … Continue reading

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Confirmed For Western Release

If anyone’s been keeping an eye out of this rhythem game that features Final Fantasy charcters but were disappointed that there was no word from Square Enix if it be … Continue reading

03/23/2012 · Leave a comment