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Nintendo: Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Details + Super Mario Kart for VC

Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition

One of the limited edition Mario Kart 8 software bundles offers the Blue Spiny Shell collector along with Mario Kart 8. Presently, has only been announced for Europe. This exciting bundle is available online now for pre-order. For customers who have already placed a pre-orders are able to upgrade if they choose.

There will also be limited edition Mario Kart 8 pre-order software bundle for those who are interested. Select retailers offer key chain bonus items include:

  • Golden Dash Mushroom
  • Red Shell
  • Bullet Bill

This marks the first confirmation that the much devastating Spiny Shell item in the new game. Nintendo says: “One of the most devastating items found in-game, expect to see the Spiny Shell back in its natural environment knocking champion racers off the podium.

Fondly remembered and setting the gaming standard the kart racing genre, the Super Nintendo classic, Super Mario Kart, will soon be part of the Wii U Virtual Console family. Mario Kart lovers in Europe will be able to download it on March 27th. It will be the US version of the game running at 60hz.

For those who purchase the Virtual Console title before June 30, 2014 will be able to get it at a discounted price of £5.49 but only if they buy a digital copy of the new racer before its release date. The purchase must be placed on the same console.

Nicely done Nintendo

You’ll be able to play Mario Kart 8 on May 30th and download Super Mario Kart on March 27th.

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source: computerandvideogames
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