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Nintendo: Director of Bayonetta wants to bring original to Wii U

The director of the Bayonetta franchise, says that  even though Platinum Games would like to release the first game on the Wii U. It ultimately is up to Nintendo. Platinum … Continue reading

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Platinum Games Would Love To Become A Second-Party Nintendo Developer

The man behind the Wii U exclulsive, The Wonderful 101, Hideki Kamiya expressed interests to IGN that he’d love to see Platinum Games to become a second-party Nintendo developer though that … Continue reading

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Famitsu Awards The Wonderful 101 With A Near-Perfect Score

The Japanese Famitsu game magazine has rewarded “The Wonder 101” with a near-perfect score of 39/40. Hideki Kamiya  was the director for Bayonetta which was released on the PlayStation 3 and … Continue reading

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The Wonderful 101 – Nintendo Direct! 9.08.13

Nintendo Direct – The Wonderful 101! Like always, we’ve created a ‘Time Chart’ for you so if you feel the need to skip ahead, you can do so. Time Chart … Continue reading

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