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Platinum Games Would Love To Become A Second-Party Nintendo Developer

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The man behind the Wii U exclulsive, The Wonderful 101, Hideki Kamiya expressed interests to IGN that he’d love to see Platinum Games to become a second-party Nintendo developer though that it s entirely up to Nintendo. Kamiya said that with Bayonetta 2 due out exclusively on Nintendo’s console next year, that it would make sense for the original game to be available too so that newcomers to the series can catch up.

“I would love [to become a second-party developer]. It would be great to work more closely with Nintendo.”

“I would love to make that happen, so that gamers unfamiliar with the first game get to play it,” he explained. “This is just my personal opinion, however, I have not much say over the matter.”

“However, I think designers should always keep in mind that not everyone has played the previous title, even if this was released on the same platform. You have to make sure that even players who are unfamiliar with the franchise are able to keep up.”

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