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Microsoft acquires Minecraft Mojang, support for all platforms will continue

    According to the BBC and the head of Xbox Phil Spencer that Minecraft developer, Mojang, have sold the company for an outstanding price of 2.5 billion. Employees of the … Continue reading

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Minecraft is the second best selling video game – Selling 54 million

The ever popular Minecraft is now the second best selling video game, beating the likes of Super Mario Bros (40.24 million) on the NES, Grand Theft Auto V (32.37 million) … Continue reading

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Akuma Is Too Extreme Street Fighter X Tekken

This video is so bad ass that no words express its raw power and artistic flair then anything we could possible write. Just take a look at these photos and … Continue reading

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Epic Games maybe working on PC exclusive title

Epic Games is rumored to be working on a title that’s exclusive to the PC. Epic Games president Mike Capps and Cliff Bleszinski announced that development at PAX East today … Continue reading

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