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Microsoft acquires Minecraft Mojang, support for all platforms will continue




According to the BBC and the head of Xbox Phil Spencer that Minecraft developer, Mojang, have sold the company for an outstanding price of 2.5 billion.

Employees of the company will join Microsoft’s internal game studio. Its safe to say that this rules out the possibility of Nintendo getting its own Minecraft game. Though it is expected that any future iterations going forward will continue through Microsoft focused platforms such as Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft has made it clear it would maintain Minecraft across all its existing platforms, with a “commitment to nurture and grow it long into the future“.

Nevertheless his will surely disappoint the millions who have strong associations to Minecraft and their respected platforms they attached them with. Given that Minecraft has been on so many platform, this is understandable. A company buy-out is wonderful for those benefit from such an agreement but only for small percentage. If Mojang took the necessary precautions and thoroughly thought things through before the expect acquisition concludes by the end of 2014. There should be little concern going forward, at least for a few years.

YouTubers who make a living from their Minecraft creations may a bigger reason for concern as copyright issues could be used against them. Expect an interesting show from the Minecraft community as they grab their pitchforks, fire and use their creativity to express their disapproval.


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