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Fable Creator Peter Molyneux Says Xbox One Kinect is a Joke

Fable creator Peter Molyneux expressed his views about the Xbox One and it requiring the use of a camera saying that he expects Microsoft to eventually release the system without … Continue reading

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2K Games: Swearing like a sailor in NBA 2K14 will get you a technical foul

2K Sports has explained that if the Kinect or PlayStation Camera catches you using profanity while playing NBA 2K14, you’ll be given a technical foul. A 2K Sports representative confirmed to Polygon in NBA … Continue reading

12/08/2013 · 3 Comments

Microsoft: Creates Siri-like Assistant Called Cortana From Halo For Devices

Microsoft is working on its own version of Apple’s Siri for Windows Phones, PC, and Xbox One, Currently known as Cortana, who is named after the artificial intelligence character from the Halo series. This … Continue reading

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Xbox One Will Function Even If You Decide To Unplug Kinect

Microsoft said shortly after the reveal of the Xbox One that the Kinect must always be on and was an “essential and integrated part of the the platform.” In an … Continue reading

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Don’t Toss Out Your Wireless PS3 Headsets; They’ll Work With The PS4

According to source, the upcoming PlayStation 4 console will support previous generation PlayStation 3 wireless headsets, a Sony official at San Diego Comic-Con told Polygon. Which will ship with a mono earbud headset in comparison to Microsoft … Continue reading

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Battlefield 4 Will Have Some Xbox One Kinect Functionality, Motion Control Not Precise

Like it or not, Kinect is part of the Xbox One experience and nothing could be more true for Battlefield 4. Though this implementation hasn’t been divulged but DICE general … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed On Kinect (Really?)

The day is full of tricks and pranksters thanks to April Fool’s Day. Ubisoft has joined the fray in this wonderful day. Even though this is most likely a prank, … Continue reading

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