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Capcom celebrates its 10th anniversary with a BEAUTIFUL golden Felyne statue.

  Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Originally, this monsterous series started life on the PlayStation 2 and since then, has grown into one of … Continue reading

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate muliplayer is region free between North America and Europe

If you’re a Monster Hunter fan and have been disappointed about the past few games being region locked should be happy to know that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate online play … Continue reading

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Did you miss the Nintendo Direct? 2.13.13 and Little Mac is back baby!

Did you miss the Nintendo Direct? Well don’t worry, you can view it here. So just sit back and enjoy. Don’t forget to like us on   Timeline Smash Bros. … Continue reading

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Capcom: Monster Hunter gets a Golden Xbox 360 controller

If you’re a Monster Hunter fan than you’ll love this beautiful gold wireless controller. This Special Edition is part of the Chrome Series, which includes a “First Time Hunting Set, three … Continue reading

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[Nintendo Direct] Monster Hunter 4 Felynes & Super Mario Collide

During the Nintendo Direct of Monster Hunter 4, Nintendo showed off something strange and unexpected. The Felynes of the Monster Hunter series who can be recognized by their  a white fur, … Continue reading

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Did You Miss the Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo Direct? 9.8.2013

Nintendo Direct – Monster Hunter 4 (Jp) but sadly we won’t be able to provide a ‘Time Chart’ since this direct is in Japanese and none of use can understand … Continue reading

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Capcom Say Monster Hunter Had To Switch Platforms (PSP to 3DS)

Capcom’s Monster Hunter is hugely successful in Japan but found huge success when the series came to the PSP in North America. Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto that in order for … Continue reading

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