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Did You Miss the Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo Direct? 9.8.2013

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Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo 3DS Box Art

Nintendo Direct – Monster Hunter 4 (Jp) but sadly we won’t be able to provide a ‘Time Chart’ since this direct is in Japanese and none of use can understand it. Luckily, My Nintendo News has provided detailed information about this direct.

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Monster Hunter 4  – Nintendo Direct 
Monster Hunter X Super Mario. You can dress up the cats as Mario and Luigi.
Link outfit for the main character revealed. This outfit you also get in a collab quest.
Iwata talks a bit more about the collab costumes. There will special quests at 7-Eleven and available to download thereafter.
Iwata leaves the rest of the presentation to the development team.
They are now going to show some multiplayer. Game features online multiplayer now.
You have to click on a world map button and choose between the various options of the game.
Friends can directly join from the friends list. Of course, you can still create or find rooms.
With finding a room, you can pick the skill level and difficulty of quests. They are now going into lobby.
There is a full chat function, with which you can communicate with players in the lobby.
There are the pre-installed options for you to enter, if you prefer that.
We see them duking it out against a gigantic creature. Everyone is trying their own strategy.
It seems all pretty seamless, as you can all walk around freely. Chat function always active in the corner.
Finishing the monster off is done a quick timey sort of way.
Monster Hunter 4 themes are being discussed. It is, according to them, very clearly shown in the opening.
The game’s theme is also used in commercials, as it presents everything quite well.
There is also new function called an… item sensor? It allows you to find the more important items really.
They are talking about that the character can jump now, which allows for more action packed adventures.
The game still features a story, which is expanded a bit more in comparison to previous games.
You journey to different places, take on quests and they are many NPCs too.
Their bit is concluded with an overview of some more crazy monsters.

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source: mynintendonews

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