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Phil Spencer of Microsoft explained Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity deal “has a duration”

  It was recently announced that Square Enix Rise of the Tomb Raider was an Xbox exclusive during the Gamescom press conference which didn’t settle very well with Lara Croft … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Games: Kingdom Hearts III

Hey guys, hershey101 here and this is a new segment for Gaming After Hours called Let’s Talk About Games and I want to talk about Kingdom Hearts III. As you … Continue reading

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Dragon Quest May Return to a Sony System

Square Enix held its yearly Investors Meeting in Tokyo detailing its strategy for the coming year. Dragon Quest executive producer, Yuu Miyake explained that it was possible for the series to … Continue reading

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E3 2014: Final Fantasy XV – Warping around the Battlefield

As you all know that back in May 2006 Square-Enix has started developing a game called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a few years later we have never heard anything new … Continue reading

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Call of Duty – Where Media and Gaming Collide

Note: At the time this writing (12.7.2012). This article does not reflect any changes that has occurred prior to the original written date. Written by Byungsuk Kim As of right now, there have … Continue reading

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Bravely Default demo is now available on the eShop with exclusive quests separate from the main game

For those who have been keeping up with Square Enix’s Bravely Default should know that game now a free demo that’s available on the Nintendo eShop. According to the demo, … Continue reading

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Lara Croft: Reflections Trademarked in America, Europe

Everyone knew that Crystal Dynamics is working hard on the next Tomb Raider on next generation consoles. Square Enix has trademarked, “Lara Croft: Reflections in both Europe and America. According … Continue reading

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DRAKENGARD 3 is a hack-and-slash action-role-playing game is being developed Access Games and will be published by Square Enix exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Naturally, like most RPG games, your weapons … Continue reading

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Square Enix: Deus Ex Human: Revolution Director’s Cut – Wii U difference

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut holds a plethora of improvements and such as new augmentations, eight hours of developer commentary, 45-minute Making Of-documentary, a New Game+ mode, achievements, a fully interactive … Continue reading

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