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Bravely Default demo is now available on the eShop with exclusive quests separate from the main game

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Bravely Default

For those who have been keeping up with Square Enix’s Bravely Default should know that game now a free demo that’s available on the Nintendo eShop.

According to the demo, there’s an option to grow the population where you collect StreetPass data from other Nintendo 3DS users. These users that you collect become new residents where they’ll be tasked at restoring the Norende Village. One of the benefits of collecting  new residents is that it’ll allow you to finish tasks much quicker. For example, a task that takes one worker an hour only takes two workers 30 minutes to finish. 

For this demo, the townspeople give you quests to solve just to help get you familiar and hopefully hooked on the game. The interesting part about this demo is that you can transfer your saved data from the this demo over to the full version such as friends (not including guests), Norende Village residents (up to 20) and play bonuses. Depending on how much of the demo you complete, it will grant you a variety of items for you to use when and if you decide to play the full version. There are a total of seven play bonuses and if you acquire them all, you’ll gain a head start in the early parts of the full game.

The stories or side quests are exclusive to this demo and can not be found in the full game. Also note that you won’t be able to transfer your experience, job experience or items over.

The demo itself is only in english but the full version be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. The full version of Bravely Default launches for Nintendo 3DS in stores and the Nintendo eShop on February 7.

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