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Lara Croft: Reflections Trademarked in America, Europe

Everyone knew that Crystal Dynamics is working hard on the next Tomb Raider on next generation consoles. Square Enix has trademarked, “Lara Croft: Reflections in both Europe and America. According to IGN, the classification qualifies Reflections as, “Computer game software; computer games, consisting of computer software; video game software; video games, consisting of computer software.. ” and more. This makes sense since the reboot was such a tremendous success selling 1.56m units worldwide.

Gaming After Hours perspective

I’m excited about the prospects of ‘Reflections’ and can’t wait to see what our beloved Ms. Croft will overcome. There isn’t any information about the story or where Lara will find herself but you can bet fans imaginations are in full throttle. So what could the world Reflections possibly mean for Tomb Raider? Could this mean that we’d get to meet a more personal Lara where her character is driving force of the game? Could the Tomb Raider go into depth about her childhood and bring to light where she learned about culture and her amazing acrobatics and agility? 

We all know Lara is an intelligent and physically capable woman but I’ve always wanted to know about her past and where she learned her defining attributes. 

For everything Lara Croft, keep it here. 


source: ign

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