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E3 2014: GTA V Coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC This Fall

Grand Theft Auto V will be making its appearance on the PS4, Xbox One and PC this fall. This iteration is getting visual improvements that weren’t possible on last generations … Continue reading

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GAH Review Bites!: Titanfall

Overview: By now, the majority of Xbox One owners will have bought and love Titan Fall. Though a good game, it is not without faults. To be honest, the Xbox … Continue reading

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Oh No! The Witcher 3 delayed till Febuary 2015 To Ensure Quality of Product

If you were expecting The Witcher 3 to arrive this year, you’ll have to wait till next year as D Projekt has delayed the fantasy role-playing game for PC, PlayStation … Continue reading

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Saints Row IV Sells Over 1 Million In One Weeks

Developer Volition must be amazingly pleased with Saints Row IV since it sold over 1 million units during its first week on sale. Sales of this level makes [Saints Row … Continue reading

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Steam: God Mode Is 66% Off

God Mode is currently 66% from it’s original price. Instead of paying $9.99, you’ll only have to pay $3.39 instead.┬áThe game is developed by Old School Games and is published … Continue reading

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Oh My Sims! New Details Of The Sims 4 Have Leaked

According to CVG, The Sims 4 is development for both the PC and Mac and will be released sometime in 2014. As previously reported, The Sims 4 will support offline … Continue reading

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Watch_Dogs: Gameplay Part 1 – "Hacking is Your Weapon"

In the world of Watch_Dogs, you play as Aiden Pierce, where you’ll be able to use hacking as your ultimate weapon. In this video, you’ll get a glimpse of what’s … Continue reading

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Steam Sale: Get Resident Evil Revelations for $25

If you’ve been waiting to get Resident Evil for PC, now is the perfect time! It is currently $25 but like all games being sold on Steam, this sale is … Continue reading

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Warner Bros. Explains Why Batman: Arkham Origins For Wii U Will Only Be A Single Player Experience

Batman: Arkham Origins According the My Nintendo News, unlike the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game, the Wii U version of Batman: Arkham Origins will not include … Continue reading

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