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Steam Sale: Get Resident Evil Revelations for $25

If you’ve been waiting to get Resident Evil for PC, now is the perfect time! It is currently $25 but like all games being sold on Steam, this sale is only available for a short time and require you to have a Steam account.
Click here to go directly to the Steam Store.

About the Game
Resident Evil Revelations returns redefined for PC complete with high quality HD visuals, enhanced lighting effects and an immersive sound experience. This latest version of Resident Evil Revelations will also deliver additional content including a terrifying new enemy, extra difficulty mode, integration with and improvements to Raid Mode. Raid Mode, which was first introduced to the series in the original version of Resident Evil Revelations, sees gamers play online in co-op mode or alone in single player taking on the hordes of enemies across a variety of missions whilst leveling up characters and earning weapon upgrades. New weapons, skill sets, and playable characters including Hunk, take the Raid Mode experience to new depths.

Please be sure that you have a powerful enough system to run it. 

System Requirements
OS: Windows® XP 
Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or better, AMD Athlon X2 2.8 Ghz or better 
Memory: 2 GB RAM 
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS or better, ATI Radeon™ HD3850 or better 
DirectX: 9.0c 
Hard Drive: 8 GB HD space 
Sound:DirectSound supported with DirectX9.0c or better 
Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection

OS: Windows Vista or later 
Processor: Intel Core™ 2 Quad 2.7 Ghz or better, AMD Phenom, II X4 3 Ghz or better 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: NVIDIA, GeForce, GTX 560 or better, ATI Radeon, HD6950 or better 
DirectX: 9.0c 
Hard Drive:8 GB HD space 
Sound: DirectSound supported with DirectX9.0c or better 
Other Requirements: Broadband Internet connection


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