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E3 2014: GTA V Coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC This Fall

Take A Look At GTA Online Official Gameplay Video

Grand Theft Auto V will be making its appearance on the PS4, Xbox One and PC this fall. This iteration is getting visual improvements that weren’t possible on last generations hardware. Millions of gamers jumped head first to experience Rockstar’s latest vision of an open-world game and were pleasantly surprised how rich the world was. A truly immersive world with interesting characters and endless possibilities.

For those who’ve already played hundreds of hours on GTA Online and are worried about loosing your progress; fear not, for you salvation awaits you. You may transfer your multiplayer progress from the Xbox 360 and PS3 over to the PS4. But as for right now, it hasn’t been made clear how this is being done. Perhaps through Rockstar’s Social Club or some kind of app?

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source: youtube

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