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Microsoft does Veteran fans a Great Service With Halo: Master Chief Collection

  Microsoft and 343 Industries revealed Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the Xbox One at their E3 2014 Press Conference. Set to release November 11, 2014, the Master Chief … Continue reading

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Activation: Talks about Indie Developers & Working with Bungie (Destiny)

Eric Hirshberg of Activision Publishing’s CEO, who is responsible for many of Activision success. talks about working with the independent Bungie and his views about indie developers. In one part … Continue reading

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Microsoft: Creates Siri-like Assistant Called Cortana From Halo For Devices

Microsoft is working on its own version of Apple’s Siri for Windows Phones, PC, and Xbox One, Currently known as Cortana, who is named after the artificial intelligence character from the Halo series. This … Continue reading

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Halo Dev Against Kojima’s Female Character Design; Kojima Says There’s a “Secret Reason”

A designer at Halo developers 343 Studios has gone to twitter to express his displeasure with placing a woman in a bikini in a war setting and finding it disgusting. … Continue reading

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