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Activation: Talks about Indie Developers & Working with Bungie (Destiny)

Eric Hirshberg of Activision Publishing’s CEO, who is responsible for many of Activision success. talks about working with the independent Bungie and his views about indie developers.

In one part of the interview, he talks about about how great indie developers are and compares them to what other industries such as music and movies:

I think it’s great for the industry and I think it’s great for the creativity of the medium. I think if you look at every other art form there’s room for blockbusters and there’s room for an independent scene in films and in music. The same has always been true in games but because the process of developing and publishing is so much more complex, generally it has been hard, but one of the things I really appreciate about both the first parties with this next generation is that they’re handing the tools over to independent developers, making it easier for them to publish and get their ideas out there.

Other parts consist of Bungies new game, Destiny, and the confidence he feel towards their team:

I think Bungie is a pretty special group of creative people and they’ve had a very good track record of games that are both critically acclaimed and commercially successful — they’re an independent company and [they’re] independence is very important.. and were happy to support that with the way we constructed this agreement.

When Hirshberg was asked whether there was interests in making Bungie a [in-house] second party developer that:

Bungie is very intent on being independent.That was important to them and so that was something that we knew going in [to the Destiny agreement], and we figured out a way to structure the deal. It’s ten year deal and it’s got a long and ambitious vision to it.

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