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James Bond villain Jaws, Richard Kiel dies at 74

NBC News reports actor Richard Kiel who is best know as the villainous Jaws from the the James Bond franchise, has passed away at 74, according to his son, Richard G. Kiel. Kiel … Continue reading

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Yager Development talks 10 minutes in video about Dead Island 2

The previous developer Techland has moved to other projects but Yager Development has taken upon themselves to face the dead inhabitants of the zombie infected Dead Island 2 and experience “seamless multiplayer.”  In … Continue reading

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E3 2014: Mortal Kombat Returns in all Its Bone Crushing, Blood Spilling Glory + Trailer

            The familiar sounds of bone crushing blows and the iconic echo of “Finish Him!” can only mean one thing; Mortal Kombat is back. Mortal … Continue reading

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Take a Look at the Witcher 3 Pre-E3 Trailer and be Amazed!

Developer CD Projekt RED has release a very exciting pre-E3 trailer of its upcoming game. This trailer will excite anyone who’s been waiting to explore the world the highly detailed world … Continue reading

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Microsoft: Creates Siri-like Assistant Called Cortana From Halo For Devices

Microsoft is working on its own version of Apple’s Siri for Windows Phones, PC, and Xbox One, Currently known as Cortana, who is named after the artificial intelligence character from the Halo series. This … Continue reading

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Cancelled Turok 2 game for Xbox360 and PS3 Images Surfaced

Since the closing of  Propaganda Games, images have surfaced on NeoGAF showing the now cancelled Turok 2. Some of the artwork consist of three box art, background concept pieces, as well … Continue reading

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Creative Assembly: Second Total War: Rome 2 Patch is LIVE

If you’ve played Total War: ROME II, then you are more then likely aware of the technical hiccups that pledged this game. Generally speaking, this second patch will address technical, … Continue reading

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Gears for Breakfast: A Hat In Time Developer Is In The Process To Be A 3rd Party Nintendo Developer

Developer Gears for Breakfast is in the process of becoming a 3rd party developer for Nintendo. They’re current project is titled, “A Hat in Time” which is a adventure, platformer game and is … Continue reading

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