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Game Could Get More Expensive Thanks To Donald Trump

Many changes have arisen in the short time since Donald Trump took office with one in particular that could potentially affect the United States video game industry where he signs … Continue reading

01/27/2017 · Leave a comment

National StreetPass Weekend Starts! StreetPass with other from around the country

For those who can’t wait for National StreetPass Weekend should open your Nintendo 3DS if you’ve visited any of the Nintendo Zones. It seems that Nintendo decided to start the … Continue reading

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Sony: Attract Casual Market with PS Vita TV; No Plans for Eu/US

At this time, Sony has no plans to bring the PlayStation Vita TV to Europe and the United States. Currently the device is targeted towards the Asian countries such as … Continue reading

09/16/2013 · 1 Comment

Microsoft: Xbox One Voice Commands Not Available In all Regions At Launch

The one well know unique features about  the  Xbox One’s is it’s ability to control the console via voice. Microsoft has clarified that this feature will only be available 10 … Continue reading

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