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Game Could Get More Expensive Thanks To Donald Trump

Many changes have arisen in the short time since Donald Trump took office with one in particular that could potentially affect the United States video game industry where he signs three Executive orders in the Oval Office.

From here, if passed, can add additional form of tax that can make goods and services made outside the boundaries of the United States more expensive to consumers than what is made domestically.


When regarding the impact it could have on the video game industry this has the potential to increase the cost of console manufacturers, 3rd party hardware and even increase the cost of simply purchasing the latest AAA games if these tariffs come into fruition.

It’s very doubtful that Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and 3rd party developers will take it upon themselves to pay the additional tariff tax on our behalf. Chances will be that it will fall upon the customers to pay the tariff themselves if they will to continue their beloved hobby.

According to Polygon, the Entertainment Software Association are in the process of formulating a plan to deal with the possible trade tariff and how it would impact the industry.

“We are looking into the issue and can provide more information shortly,”

The possible direction that the trade tariff could take is  five percent and even a 10 percent tariff added to import goods.

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