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North Korean Dictator – Kim Jong Un – Starring in his Own Video Game

Wow! Just Wow! I personally don’t know how to feel about this. As a South Korean myself, and the stories I’ve heard from my elders about North Korea, I honestly … Continue reading

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Nintendo: Nintendo calls a cease production for the Wii

Nintendo’s much successful Wii console will soon be coming to end, according to reports from Nintendo of Japan.  The Wii console is considered by most as a stable for motion control … Continue reading

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NPD: Nintendo 3DS Best Selling Platform In US; Pikmin 3 Sells In The Top 10

The Nintendo 3DS was the best-selling dedicated video game platform last month according to the NPD figures this August. Apparently Nintendo didn’t release any numbers but it did outsell the … Continue reading

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A Non-Gamer’s View On Video Games

Hello I’m Summerskies2007, and I am a non-gamer girl in a relationship with a avid gamer. I might play Cooking Mama, and old-skool Sims 2 (my laptop is a hand-me-down … Continue reading

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Truth or Tale: Wii U and 3DS System Update Coming This Year

We’ve known that Nintendo has been planning to bring the Miiverse to the Nintendo 3DS. It’s probably a safe bet that this update will fulfill Nintendo’s long awaited promises. source: gonintendo … Continue reading

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PlayStation 4 Launch Date Revealed; Sony Prepares For Release

Sony has announced that their next-generation system, the PlayStation 4 will be arriving in North America and Canada on November 15 and Europe, Australia and New Zealand on November 29 . … Continue reading

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Welcome to PlayStation Vita

Its slick, beautiful and holds so much promise for the future of entertainment while “proving new ways to play” and engage players like never before. This device is packed with features … Continue reading

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