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North Korean Dictator – Kim Jong Un – Starring in his Own Video Game

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This editor is speechless

Wow! Just Wow! I personally don’t know how to feel about this. As a South Korean myself, and the stories I’ve heard from my elders about North Korea, I honestly don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about this. The very notion of that Kim Jong Un is in a video game is flabbergasting and concerning to me. Painting the image of Kim Jong Un as a hero of its people and nation is by no means grounded in reality. Setting fire to an American flag and shooting U.S. paratroopers is proof of that.

The Atlanta-based Moneyhorse Games depicts the beloved North Korean dictator, Jong Un, as a hero of his nation and wastes no time painting a clear image of how they view America. Such beliefs is heavily ingrained to the minds of North Koreans.

The game is titled, “Glorious Leader!” and will be available for PC and mobiles.Moneyhorse Games CEO Jeff Miller told the Guardian that the company hopes to “carefully walk the line of satire without being an apologist for the regime.”

And yes, Dennis Rodman is also involved.

Stories that I’ve been told by my elders about the North have never been good, and even frighting. One of my elders who managed escape from into the South Korean boarder told me of the control and diseases that plague North Korea. Escaping North Korea is a miracle in itself, crossing barbed-wired fences while tearing the flesh off you body while taking the chance of the boarder control shooting you if spotted. I kid you not, they are ordered to kill anyone who dares to cross over to the South.

Everyday illnesses that many countries could easily cure such as cataracts, eye infections are common do to poor nutrition. Free speech is not a luxury and talking badly about the great leaders of North Korea can get you killed on the spot. In North Korea, media is controlled and internet is only available to select family. As the Kim’s live the life of comfort, the people of North Korea starve and die. Images of the great dictator Kim Jong Un and his father are everywhere, reminding everyone how great he is. Control and manipulation is how North Korea maintains it’s power and influence over its people.

In the minds of the people, North Korea is a great nation that must be feared. In their perspective, other countries simply don’t understand the how great North Korea is and view other the other countries as let important, some even believe that there are nations who are jealous of them. These things I’ve mentioned above are no exaggeration by any means. These are stories I’ve been told by my Korean community.

Interesting fact: It is common for North Korea to declare war on the South. It’s so common that South Korea ignores their threats and continues to work as if it was every other day.


source: moneyhorsegamestheguardiantime

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