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Hironobu Sakaguchi wanted to make Chrono Trigger a series

Final Fantasy creator and Chrono Trigger designer, Hironobu Sakaguchi explained during a panel at PAX Prime that he and thedevelopment team wished to continue the Chrono Trigger series much like Final … Continue reading

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Truth or Tale: Allegedly “New Nintendo 3DS” doubles RAM and Nearly Doubles VRAM

  It seems there’s more to the New Nintendo 3DS model than originally thought. Coders of the homebrew community and neogaf have stumbled up what they believe relates to the recently announced … Continue reading

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Nintendo announed the “NEW 3DS” model during their Japanese Nintendo Direct

UPDATE: Nintendo has told Eurogamer that the new 3DS and 3DS XL designs will not reach Europe until 2015. UPDATE: Nintendo Japan released a few of the specs of the New … Continue reading

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Xenoblades Chronicles Shulk playable in Super Smash Bros. + video

Shulk will be playable in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Fans have been demanding for Shulk to make an appearance in Smash Bros. … Continue reading

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Nintendo brings new hope to the faithful and targets the core fans

Nintendo has for years catered to the widest possible audience. Reaching out to all age groups with their products. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, their focus has changed as they see … Continue reading

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Nintendo Direct coming to tomorrow for Japan

Nintendo of Japan has been announced that they’ll be a Nintendo Direct tomorrow. This Direct will focus on current and future Nintendo 3DS software. Here are the times of its … Continue reading

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[Updated] Leaked Smash Bros roster discovered online; Allegedly, Smash Leaker works for Nintendo

[Update: Youtube user The N Forcers has uploaded the previous uploaded videos that were originally on Izat True channel. This video is expected to share the same fate as Izat True.] [Previous post] A … Continue reading

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Sega continues their support with Nintendo

Sega has always been a strong supporter for Nintendo systems. Releasing numerous titles throughout the years. Reports express that Sega has 13 SKUs for the Nintendo 3DS though its not clear as … Continue reading

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Smash Bros. has many composers from franchise all over the gaming industry

The Smash Bros website listed many of the musicians for the Nintendo 3DS version who composed many world-famous composition. A few examples of these famous works are Tetsuya Shibata of the Devil May … Continue reading

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