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Truth or Tale: Allegedly “New Nintendo 3DS” doubles RAM and Nearly Doubles VRAM


New Nintendo 3DS, New 3DS

It seems there’s more to the New Nintendo 3DS model than originally thought.

Coders of the homebrew community and neogaf have stumbled up what they believe relates to the recently announced New Nintendo 3DS. Based on their findings while searching through the recent 3DS firmware update that Nintendo added FCRAM for the new model.

New Nintendo 3DS Angel
The older 3DS models were built with 128MB FCRAM  and 6MB VRAM but presumingly that the “New Nintendo 3DS” systems are 256MB and add 4MB of VRAM. This is a considerable boost. Given that each the game has to create a sperate image for each eye, thusly cutting the resolution in half. They lose possible details they could of added if the Nintendo 3DS was without its stereoscopic abilities.

“New 3DS” is the latest 3DS console from Nintendo due for release in 2015. It was announced on 29 of August 2014. It will feature “New 3DS”-specific titles that are not playable on older 3DS models, which may imply new encryption keys(though blocking title-launch of those titles on old hw could be done other ways too as well).

Based on disassembly of certain sysmodules for code added/changed with in the 8.0.0-18 update, it appears that the “New 3DS” has the following changes:

  • They extended FCRAM from 128MB to 256MB.
  • They added another VRAM (?) of 4MB.”


According to official sources, the following changes have been made hardware-wise:

  • Faster CPU
  • Better 3D screen technology
  • MicroSD-slot instead of normal-sized SD-slot
  • NFC support
  • Two circle-pads instead of one
  • New buttons ZR and ZL

For now, it be wise to take this with grain of salt. It is very doubtful that Nintendo will make an official statement to this claim but will find the truth in developer interviews.

Do do you believe this new model holds better promise than before? 


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2 comments on “Truth or Tale: Allegedly “New Nintendo 3DS” doubles RAM and Nearly Doubles VRAM

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