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[Updated] Leaked Smash Bros roster discovered online; Allegedly, Smash Leaker works for Nintendo

[Update: Youtube user The N Forcers has uploaded the previous uploaded videos that were originally on Izat True channel. This video is expected to share the same fate as Izat True.]

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A video leak of the upcoming Super Smash Bros was found online. Many gaming media online publications picked it up moments after its discovery.

A YouTube user named Izat True uploaded a number of videos showing unannounced characters. Since the discovery, Nintendo acted quickly and took it down hours after. The videos in question were very convincing, showing many characters such as Shulk of Xenoblade Chronicles , Bowser Jr, and Ganondorf, Great King of Evil.

Intriguingly, Bowser Jr. utilizes the Koopa Clown Car to battle in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. The short video clips show off the vehicle’s abilities, including shooting out a cannonball to damage foes. Shulk and Ganondorf, meanwhile, seem to play about as expected.

A few of the videos show Bowser Jr. using the Koopa Clown Car to move about while shooting cannonballs. From the limited moves that was shown what was shown, Ganondorf appeared to have the similar moveset he had in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Shulk were also present in the same video.

Since then, the account is now void of all videos.  More leaked information was found on NeoGAF documenting what appears to be off-screen images of the game.

Smash Leak

The Smash Bros. news doesn’t stop there as the supposed leaker has been found, sued and fired.

Smash Bros Leaker Fired

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