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Flappy Bird is back but only on Amazon Fire TV

Look out Flappy Bird fans, the bird that flapped into your hearts is back, but only for the Amazon Fire TV set-top box. Vietnamese developer, Nguyễn Đông returned as Flappy Birds Family. … Continue reading

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate muliplayer is region free between North America and Europe

If you’re a Monster Hunter fan and have been disappointed about the past few games being region locked should be happy to know that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate online play … Continue reading

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Video of the Week: Pokemon Pick Up Lines

You wanna “be the very best like no one ever was.” To catch these Pokemon is a real test but to train each and every one of them is a … Continue reading

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Buy One 3DS Game, Get the Second FREE

Come one, call all to the Best Buy Nintendo 3DS first party developed games from Nintendo. Many of these titles have already sold millions such as Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, The … Continue reading

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Nintendo Creates Camp Miiverse With Community Challenges

Nintendo has announced that it has opened up a new Miiverse community called Camp Miiverse. The new community will see players participate within different in gaming events for both online and local … Continue reading

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Super Smash Bros. By The Numbers

Super Smash Bros. is a series that comes down to numbers. The number of stages, the number of lives someone has left, the critical percentage of damage a character has … Continue reading

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How Many Zelda Games Have Been Sold? — A LOT

The outstanding Legend of Zelda has always sold remarkably well regardless of which system it made on. More often than not, hailed as the reasons to own a Nintendo system … Continue reading

07/17/2014 · 4 Comments

Caption Falcon, Lucina and Robin are Playable Smash Bros Characters

The new Smash participants have been announced and new excitement burns from its fire-ly emblem as Lucina and Robin take the stage and fight against Nintendo’s greats. Of course one couldn’t … Continue reading

07/14/2014 · 1 Comment

Shovel Knight Wii U Bug Fix Update is Now Live

Yacht Club Games, the same company that brought you the amazing Shovel Kights, has confirmed a Wii U update is now available. This update will address a small oversight game-bug … Continue reading

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