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Video of the Week: Pokemon Pick Up Lines


You wanna “be the very best like no one ever was.” To catch these Pokemon is a real test but to train each and every one of them is a never ending. But you will “travel across the land, searching far and wide.” And you will try to “understand that power that’s inside.

Oh Pokemon, there is so much of you and even if you do catch’em all. How are you going to be best friends with each and every one?

It may be your destiny but how can you be best friends with every single Pokemon you have? But don’t worry, you’re courage will pull you through because they will teach you and you will teach them. These Pokemon will be with you for a very long time.

But what if you meet a girl? And she’s pretty, lovely and sweet? Don’t use these pickup lines or you’ll be feeling your own defeat. You will try to talk to her, and she may turn you down. But get off your knees, there are others roaming around.



With all honestly, and please excuse poor attempt to rewrite the first Pokemon theme song in a rhythmic and strange fashion. If you’re a Pokemon fan, you’ll surely find this. But don’t use these pick up lines if you don’t know the girl well. She give you such a strange look. And obviously there just isn’t a way to write this in a serious manner without thinking of lame jokes of Pokemon’s past.

For even more Pokemon, keep it right folks


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