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Caption Falcon, Lucina and Robin are Playable Smash Bros Characters

Lucina and Caption Falcon

The new Smash participants have been announced and new excitement burns from its fire-ly emblem as Lucina and Robin take the stage and fight against Nintendo’s greats. Of course one couldn’t forget the the amazing mention of Caption Falcon and his legendary falcon punch.

For those who are not familiar with the lore of Fire Emblem, Lucina is the daughter of Chrom who was sent back in time to assist in helping her father to fend off Emperor Walhart of Valm that threatens to invade Archanea. Surprisingly, Robin, who was the character you played as in Fire Emblem Awakening, has also joined the fight and lends his sword and tome; magic is his source of power. Players will be able to play Robin is two forms, male and female.

If you were hoping to play as the mighty descendant of Marth, you will find this disappointing as he will only be assisting Robin in the way of a final smash.

Caption Falcon as mentioned above get smashed out of the picture almost as fast has he appears but he is too is playable.



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