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James Bond villain Jaws, Richard Kiel dies at 74

NBC News reports actor Richard Kiel who is best know as the villainous Jaws from the the James Bond franchise, has passed away at 74, according to his son, Richard G. Kiel. Kiel … Continue reading

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Former Silicon Knights Developer Sentenced with Child Pornography, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Interference

What can be said about Precursor Games? It’s been one disaster after another. Failing to reach it’s target for its Kickstarter champions for Shadow of the Eternals and now Kenneth McCulloch, the … Continue reading

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Attention Smash fans, new information has been revealed about the pricing of the GameCube Controller Adapter for the Wii U. This little attachment allows players to plug in four those … Continue reading

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[Update] Nintendo: Evo 2014 Adds Super Smash Bros. Melee to its Gaming Lineup

[Update: Tekken Tournament Tag 2 has been added to this years tournament] Nintendo has announced that they will allow Super Smash Bros. Melee to be part of the 2014 Evolution World Championships, marking … Continue reading

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A Time To Grieve: Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi (山内 博), Passes Away

Hiroshi Yamauchi ,山内 博, (1949-2002), who successfully transformed his great-grandfather’s playing-card company, the widely respected former Nintendo president passed away on Thursday at the age of 85. Yamauchi joined Nintendo in … Continue reading

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A Non-Gamer’s View On Video Games

Hello I’m Summerskies2007, and I am a non-gamer girl in a relationship with a avid gamer. I might play Cooking Mama, and old-skool Sims 2 (my laptop is a hand-me-down … Continue reading

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