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The Last of Us Movie Ellie May Be Played by Game of Thrones, Arya Stark

Sony revealed a teaser image about the upcoming game to movie adaptation, “The Last of Us” which was teases at the San Diego Comic-Con panel. Sony Pictures Entertainment revealed a teaser … Continue reading

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Uncharted Movie Gets a Release Date

It looks like Sony has finally decided on a release date for the movie adaptation of “Uncharted.” It’s planned release date will be on June 10, 2016 The Uncharted movie adaptation … Continue reading

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Sony Tempts Gamers with The Last of Us – Remastered PS4 Console Bundle

Sony has confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 4 bundle, The Last of Us: Remastered for Europe. No word on yet on when it will arrive in other territories such as … Continue reading

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Truth or Tale: The Last of Us May Still Be Coming to PS4

Reports are coming in that the Last of Us is making its way to the PlayStation 4. Though Sony hasn’t offically announced a port of the survival horror game. But … Continue reading

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Naughty Dog Creative Director to write The Last of Us live action film adaptation; Spider-Man director, Sam Raimi involved

Talks about a movie adaptation of “The Last of Us” has been surfing around the internet for some time. Much of its success can be credited to it’s amazing story … Continue reading

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Uncharted writer, Amy Hennig, leaves Naughty Dog

The creative director and writer of the Uncharted series, Amy Hennig,  has left Naughty Dog. According to numerous sources and Sony, has verified her departure. Hennig final day at the … Continue reading

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Sony: Naughty Dog brainstorms about The Last of Us 2 and new IP

Last month there were a rumor floating around last month at the possiblity of Naughty Dog making “The Last of Us” 2 and it seems now that this rumor was more … Continue reading

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SONY EXCLUSIVE: Watch the NEW The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC trailer

EXCLUSIVE | Watch the NEW The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC trailer Description: A familiar face returns as new light is shed on an essential relationship in the story … Continue reading

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Sony: The Last of Us 2 might be in development

Word on the net is that Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us 2 for the PlayStation 4, according to according to Omelete. Given how long it takes to … Continue reading

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