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E3 2014: Mortal Kombat Returns in all Its Bone Crushing, Blood Spilling Glory + Trailer

            The familiar sounds of bone crushing blows and the iconic echo of “Finish Him!” can only mean one thing; Mortal Kombat is back. Mortal … Continue reading

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E3 2014: Sony Reveals the White PlayStation 4 Bundle, So Pretty!

Sony revealed a White PlayStation 4 Destiny bundle during its E3 press conference. Destiny is being developed Bungie who is well known for the Halo franchise. For those who are curious what … Continue reading

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E3 2014: GTA V Coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC This Fall

Grand Theft Auto V will be making its appearance on the PS4, Xbox One and PC this fall. This iteration is getting visual improvements that weren’t possible on last generations … Continue reading

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E3 2014: The Crew Coming Toward The End of The Year + Beta

Ubisoft upcoming game announced during their E3 press conference that, “The Crew” will be released on November 11th and will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The … Continue reading

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E3 2014: Rise of the Tomb Raider Trailer Revealed

Crystal Dynamics has debuts the new Tomb Raider that was shown during the Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference which continues the adventure of the Tomb Raider reboot. Square Enix’s Darrell Gallagher said during the … Continue reading

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Destiny For the Xbox One Will have Higher Resolution Then Originally Planned.

  Thanks to Microsoft’s decision to have the Kinect be an optional peripheral, Destiny is now able to use the resources that was reserved for the Kinect to improve the overall resources. … Continue reading

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Take a Look at the Witcher 3 Pre-E3 Trailer and be Amazed!

Developer CD Projekt RED has release a very exciting pre-E3 trailer of its upcoming game. This trailer will excite anyone who’s been waiting to explore the world the highly detailed world … Continue reading

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[Update] PS4 1.71 Firmware Update Available Now; 194 MB Download

A new system update has been released from Sony Computer Entertainment. Version 1.71 isn’t much in size, being a mere 194 MB. The patch notes are quite simple: “System software … Continue reading

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Sony has Over 100 Games Coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2014

The world of PlayStation seems to have an endless amount of support. A strengths in content that any console hardware manufacture could dream of and Sony has them by in … Continue reading

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