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Destiny For the Xbox One Will have Higher Resolution Then Originally Planned.


Thanks to Microsoft’s decision to have the Kinect be an optional peripheral, Destiny is now able to use the resources that was reserved for the Kinect to improve the overall resources.

Major Nelson of Total Xbox podcast and Xbox boss Phil Spencer  explained some off the benifets of this would would have and gave a couple examples.

“I think about games like Sunset Overdrive, that’s going to take advantage of the June [SDK],” Spencer said. “And they’re going to use the increased capability that lowering the reserve will have to actually make a more vibrant and alive gameplay space, so that’s where they’re going to invest.

“Even our friends at Bungie, and I’ve been spending a lot of time down there, they’re going to pick up the June SDK update for Destiny, and they’re going to up the resolution of Destiny based on this change. So I think it’s just a great time for us.”

Spencer added that it’s up to the developer to decide how much [resources] they want to reserve for the Kinect.

“But you won’t need to unplug your Kinect to see the difference. We wanted to give developers a choice on how much of the reserve, the Kinect reserve, they wanted to leave in the system. If they know how they’re going to use Kinect, or if they’re going to not use Kinect in their game, we wanted them to have the option at a game side to decide how much of that reserve will remain.

Spencer makes it quite clear that these benfites will happen regardless of weither or not the Kinect is plugged in. Even adding that you should leave the Kinect plugged in.

“It has nothing to do with Kinect being plugged in, in fact everyone should leave Kinect plugged in, because as soon as the game isn’t running anymore, you quit the game, you go back to the dash, you are going to have all the great Kinect functionality that you ever had, and you can boot a Kinect game and the Kinect will continue to work – it’ll have no impact on the game that decides off the back end that it’s going to lower the reserve that’s set in.”

Destiny is scheduled to be released on September 9, 2014


source: eurogamer

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